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Atlas Obscura "Passport" Program#253


Being a huge fan of exploring, I love being able to document where I’ve been. Other organizations have “passport” style programs, which offer books in print that act as journals, where you can get a stamp when you visit and log information like a journal.

Recognizing Atlas Obscura doesn’t have control of the sites listed, I suggest a more generic style passport program. This would include a log page that has various entry spaces: a site stamp (which can be generated on the website that would have the name of the site and date the user visited), site title, location, who you visited with, notes about the site, and a space to paste a photo and souvenir section. “Passports” can be created/sold in a virtual or print format. I attached a word document journal page that I’ve been using for the last two years to document my Atlas Obscura adventures (photo area is sized for an instax mini camera).

As an expansion on the passport program, there can be prize incentives with completing passport pages. Such as visit 60 sites and post photos of yourself at each (or sending in PDF scans of journal pages if you do a print book) can earn the user a patch, or sticker. After additional pages could be a replacement journal, tshirt, etc.

This website is my number one go-to when planning a trip, and I would love the ability to expand my use of it further.

Thanks for your time!

a year ago

I like the idea of posting more pictures from the spots.

a year ago