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Word counts for each place description and story, and total ones for the two categories#257


I suppose it would be impossible to visit all the places listed in your site in a lifetime (unless, perhaps, if one devoted their entire life to it, and, say, 1 hour per place, considering that many places are in the same cities; I believe that such a calculation would make for an entertaining story); I was wondering however how long a more modest task would take, that is reading all the descriptions of your more than 24,000 places; it would be interesting in my opinion if you gave the word count for each place description (and story) and those of the sums of all place descriptions and stories. Thank you for your attention and sorry because I have found the more apt “suggest a product feature” function only after contacting you via the feedback form.

a year ago

Thanks for this suggestion! We would love to provide fun and useful stats about how people interact with the Atlas so this is helpful information.

I also particularly like the idea that your suggestion is not just about places actually visited but is more a statistic that might represent how much time you spent reading or learning about places on our site.

a year ago