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Accept edits for Place Stubs#272

The description for Stubs is: “A Stub is a great Atlas Obscura place, but would benefit from additional information or photos. Please help our community by expanding these Stubs into great place entries.”

Considering this, I find it odd that edits for Stubs are rarely applied. Generally speaking, when sending Edit suggestions for regular Places, if these are accepted, they are deployed shortly after (minus the occasional lost one). On the other hand, edits for Stubs seem to never be accepted.

In all the following cases, I have sent the relevant suggestions, more than once in some cases:

Issues with main pictures:

Thumbnail cuts off the head of the statues:

Better options for main picture:

Issues with location:

In BrusselS:
Should use the English name “Bruges”:
Should be spelled “Chisinau” as per destination guide:
For one, the island is called SardinIa in English, plus the use of an English cardinal direction is uncommon on the Atlas:

Other issues:
Based on Google Maps, and the text of the Place, this seems to be Tytoona rather than “Tyrion”:

On this page there has been some feedback about the abundance of rather short Stubs being published lately. Personally, I only see a point in Stubs if they are a blueprint on which to build a more complete, correct Place. The purpose seems defeated if edit suggestions for them are just ignored.

10 months ago
10 months ago

See Implement customer support ticketing system for Places email inbox#211. I think a lot of contributors (including me) have been confused or frustrated with the seeming lack of feedback regarding place edits and place submissions, and the website administrators suggested creating a professional helpdesk system to handle user input. That would hopefully mean that people who edit articles would get ticket numbers where they could track the implementation of the edits to their articles. Also, if the editors decide to reject edits, it would be nice to get feedback via a helpdesk system.

10 months ago

Hi team, I can see most of these have been actioned now, but for the record there’s 3 in Belgium still unchanged, before this suggestion is archived:



9 months ago

New one, doesn’t match the existing destination guide for Lviv:

9 months ago

@linkogecko fixed, thank you!

9 months ago

Looks like this is still happening.

My suggested edit for this stub was submitted last week, still unchanged. Should be in Montreal:

9 months ago

Any chance that this could be applied more broadly? I also edited some stubs but it never goes applied and I gave up on trying to improve them a while ago. I can’t be the only one.

8 months ago

I’d say that the core issue is probably still unresolved. This Stub was published 6 days ago, I made a note about the thumbnail cutting off the head of the sculpture that same day. It remains unchanged:

8 months ago

I remember editing this one quite heavily and asking for a co-author ship. It seems like the stub is gone, but my edits are not added. Could you check?

I believe that I also rewrote these benches, but not that sure anymore. Would also appreciate a co-author.

8 months ago

@Michelle Cassidy couple new recent ones:

This one has 3 edits since its publication last week. I know mine is for the location but I suspect the other two as well. Missing the state is an obvious one:

Here I sent an edit for the map address, and the location which should be Easter Island. Sent right after it was published yesterday:

In both cases, edits not showing yet. I’ve noticed that edits to non-stubs are coming through faster now, so my guess is that these Stubs haven’t been looked at yet.

5 months ago