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More share options. Like WhatsApp.

6 months ago

Hi @Pedro M Fernandes thanks for the suggestion. May I ask where you hoping to share more easily from WhatsApp? For example, do you mainly share from our website on a computer, our website on a mobile phone, or our mobile apps?

6 months ago

Hi @Nicola, the above seems to be another spam profile

4 months ago

I believe there’s a tunnel in banning California I live on a reservation next to the city of banning and on the borders of the reservation on the other side is a rock crusher company and as far as I know they’ve been working there all my life and I’m 52 years old And one of my cousins that worked on a rock crusher on our land right next to theirs rock crusher said he had to go down there and help him flip over a tractor back on its tires he said he went down there and he went down deep deep deep And they started a new rock crusher below the reservation by the freeway and that’s running 24/7 constantly and the old one runs only at night which I thought was illegal when I was growing up I never seen trucks going up there all the time during the day and some at night but over the years it got less and less during the day and more and more at night , there’s a mountain called Idlewild and I believe there’s a base in there, for some reason we shut down our rock crusher years back and it was up and running way before I was born so I’m told and you got to think them doing it for 52 years how deep that tunnel is we live next to a fault line San Andreas and you would think that would be dangerous to dig that deep, I’ve been told too that banning water canyon has been marked off for people not to go over there and supposedly people with guns chase people off from over there all the time because there’s no signs posted that there’s no one supposed to be there or no trespassing signs nothing but some guys come out with guns and get all rioting with the people in chase them all recently Edison put new power linesmen through our through reservation, And there’s power lines going to the mountain there but they seem to disappear into the mountain somewhere if you go down towards Hemet from banning you could see down the highway there going across the mountains there’s power lines going over the top of the road and you got to wonder where they go, on the other side of the mountain is another reservation , call soboba, ours is morongo, every now and again you could feel something underground movie, And the flight patterns of most aircraft go, sunrise to sunset but there’s been a few times where I’ve seen them go the opposite of that and go towards the mountain and disappear a loss site of them , And now late at night you can hear aircraft flying kind of low but you can’t see them, I was just putting it out there in case you need to have someone take a look at it see if I’m right thank you

2 months ago