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Use of for unsolicited phishing spam#354

Someone is sending unsolicited marketing e-mails from your info e-mail address. The e-mail content appears to be phishing but I have not followed it any further than checking the domain redirect and taking a very quick look. I have stripped the querystring and it points to this domain:

Interestingly, if you try to get to it from an incognito window it rejects it as a bad gateway, so it’s using something in the HTTP header to steal more information and rejecting requests that don’t have it. I assume none of this is affiliated with Atlas Obscura, but if your domain is authenticated for e-mail, then someone on your staff is being naughty. If your domain is not authenticated, you should do that with DMARC, SPF and DKIM.

a month ago

Thank you @Ben Oates for reporting this information. The emails are spoofing our address but are not actually being sent by us. We have received a few reports like this and are doing what we can to address it.

a month ago