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Keep updating this forum and progress#357

Since this forum appeared a couple years ago, it has had a few changes. The “roadmap” showed the progress of the suggestions, and then came the little colored dots and tags that seem to be for the respective teams to categorize each point.

But it seems to have become a bit forgotten as of late. The colored tags are still added for the most part, but the Roadmap is pretty inactive. The penultimate suggestion to have been Completed is from May 2023 (#271). The most recent one doesn’t actually show the date due to a system limitation.

The most recent suggestion to have even made it to the Roadmap is #293, which is Under Consideration. This suggestion is #357 , so it does feel like the map isn’t being used so much anymore. I do realize that’s a lot of these changes are big, and that some are connected to others so they can only be actioned in tandem, but even features that hinted at future progress, like the Product Blog, tend to fall by the wayside.

16 days ago

Thanks for sharing @linkogecko this is partly on me for not pushing forward the product blog on a monthly cadence. What we’ve been working on has been largely prototyped projects and partnerships with brands which is why there haven’t been product updates happening there or on this board. There are some things in progress (as you noted) that we are just trying to keep in mind and chip away at as we work on other projects that touch those areas, such as maps.

@Jessica.perelman @Michelle Cassidy and I are going to try to start listing small wins on Nolt and prioritizing smaller community suggestions, to try to alleviate some of the stagnation on community issues. If we can prioritize larger projects, those will be reflected here as well.

5 days ago